4 Words

Rende, 17 November 2013

4 words that popped up when I was taking a bath was:
A dreamer, a chooser, a chaser, and a leaver.
Those words describe me the best.

I’m a dreamer.

From just an imagination one until the real one. I was dreaming to be a princess. Hahaha.
I think a lot of little girls also do that.
I wanted to wear a beautiful gown, live in a big castle (now I know why I like Europe  castle and old building very much), ride a white horse, and meet my handsome prince. Yeah, it’s really stupid I know.
I already asked my parents about our relatives whether there were any possibilities I could be a princess, and they said, “No!” Hahaha.

So I changed my dream into the real one; study abroad and travel around the world.
And lucky me, I live in a supportive environment. My family knows they couldn’t afford me to study abroad, but they believed I could go to Europe to continue my study.
And here I am.

I’m a chooser.

I choose everything carefully.
I’m not a kind of person who will fall easily with something.
From the simplest thing, for example, choosing a shoe to buy. Or choosing my dream to accomplish, whether it is possible to chase or not. Because even there’s a person who said: “just believe in your dream and you can do everything.” Yes, I can do everything if I’m ready to face it and logically accepted.

I’m a chaser.

One of my best friends said, “you are a persistent person. If you want something really bad, you’ll chase it no matter how hard it is.” Yes, he was right.

I’m a leaver.

When I chase something, I also calculate its possibility rate.
If it’s like Gabrielle’s song – Out of Reach, or if that thing doesn’t want to cooperate with me to be chased, then I quit. I’ll make a new plan and chase it.
I don’t want to make something more complicated than it should be.

Those are mine, what are yours?

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