A Letter to My Little Brother

Dear you, my little brother a.k.a Nikmal,

Hey how are you?
I hope you’re fine there even though you’re home alone now..
Hope you’re not buying a lot of gorengan just for yourself.. Remember the oil isn’t really healthy.
Anyway, I have some things you should know:

1. Do you remember when you just a little boy, a very little one,  and you were still kinda cute, some of the girls in our neighborhood bullied you just to get your attention?
Did you know when I heard that news my heart skipped its beat and then I ran to your place and did everything to help you against those girls?
I felt like I was a superhero back then. And when I hugged, held your hand, and walked you home I felt so relieved.

“I am a big sister and also my little brother’s superhero.”

And after that ‘incident’ I set my mind to always be your superhero.
I did my best at school so I can be a good example for you.
I did my best to find a very good job so one day you can be a better worker than me.
I try to be a good human so you can be better than me.

2. Do you remember our ‘dramatic’ fought when you didn’t want me to go abroad taking this scholarship?
I was really impressed actually because you put our family first,
“how can you go abroad while our family still need you?”

You’re such a kindhearted person, a family guy (and I hope someday I will introduce you with another family guy who will be your big brother), but we all have one big dream.
And life is about choosing the right thing even it means we have to let go something or someone we love.
I’m so sorry I leave you for 2 years, but I will do my best here so someday you will be inspired to continue your study abroad.

3. Do you remember when we were fighting over one cookie?
And do you remember actually Mom bought a lot cookies but we didn’t want to touch it until one of us came back home then we start fighting?
I kinda miss that silly fight actually.

4. You always jealous with almost every men whom I accidentally like. Hahahaha.
I know it means you really love your sister and don’t want me to share my attention with those random men.
But somehow, one day, I should choose one best man to be your big brother.
Don’t worry, I know you’ll love him and he’ll also love our family.
And hey, finally you’ll have someone to play football with.

I’m a proud big sister. My little brother is a grown up now.
And I know you’ll be a better person than me, I can see that.

You wanna know my advice to face this life?

Chin up!

Just set your dreams and passion, do the best, and Bismillah.


Yours since 22 years ago.

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