G Day on 10.07.13

I allergic to exams, I don’t like studying to get a high grade, I hate making an essay or a thesis. In short, I hate school. But since I was a kid I fell in love with Europe and told my parents that one day I will go to one of the European countries to get my master degree and travelling. Then everything I ever hoped was granted two years ago. I got a ticket to Europe to accomplish my dream. So even though I hated school, I knew I should executed my degree in good, no, in a best way I could.

1,5 years ago.
Have you ever done “the wishing touch”? It happens when you have a wish then you touch that thing while hoping that your wish will be granted.

1,5 years ago I passed one of the biggest auditorium in my university with a friend. There were many people cheering and taking pictures. And some of them wore pretty dresses while holding a big bouquet of flower. It was a graduation day. Suddenly I touched the wall of the auditorium and said to my friend,
“Around 1,5 years from now I will be here doing my graduation..”

May 1st, 2013
At that time I was struggling and almost dying because of the thesis. And on the sunny afternoon, me and a friend just got the information about the defense and graduation schedule. It would be held in July.
Me: It’ll be great doing the graduation in July. Because it can be a birthday gift for my mom..
Friend: Wow! You will give her a really astonishing gift, then. When is your mom’s birthday?
Me: 10th of July.

July 10th, 2013. 13.44 CEST
I was dialing my mom’s phone number. I hold my breath so I wouldn’t cry.
Mom: Nyanya?
Me: Assalammualaikum. Ma, alhamdulillah, I’ve gradua….
Mom: Why are you calling? Isn’t it expensive??
Me: ..ted. Yes it’s expensive and I don’t have enough credit. I just wanna let you know that I..
Mom: How was the graduation?
Me: .. Maaa.. Listen to me, I’ve graduated with a very good grade and this is your birthday..
Mom: Alhamdulillah! Ayah, Nyanya is calling. She said, she has gradua.. Tut!

The call was ended. I hate international call.

That day was my mom’s birthday and I just finished doing my defense and graduation ceremony in the auditorium I’ve touched 1,5 years ago.

This year I gave my master degree as a gift for my mom’s birthday. And I hope I can give a son-in-law for her birthday next year :)

The big auditorium

Taken by Eka Perwitasari

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    • Terima kasih kakak Ria yang Sudah Seharusnya Menjadi Kebanggan.

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